Friday, October 14, 2016


U.S. blasts Israeli activities in Judea and Samaria

At UN Security Council meeting on "settlements", American envoy says Israeli construction creates a "one state reality".
Ben Ariel, Canada, 

United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security Council
The United States on Friday criticized Israeli policies in Judea and Samaria during a UN Security Council discussion on the issue.
The meeting, titled "Illegal Israeli Settlements: Obstacles to Peace and the Two-State Solution," was informal and did not involve a vote. It was held at the initiative of Egypt, Venezuela, Malaysia, Senegal and Angola.
The U.S. representative to the session, Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the UN David Pressman, said Washington is "deeply concerned and strongly opposes settlements which are corrosive to peace," according to Haaretz.
Pressman added that Israeli activities in Judea and Samaria, primarily construction of new communities, “create a one state reality on the ground."
The U.S. calls on both sides to adopt policies and take immediate steps toward "implementing the two-state solution," he said, according to Haaretz.
At the same time, Pressman also condemned Palestinian Arab terror attacks on Israelis, and said that figures who incite violence are sending a message to the international community that they aren't interested in peace.
The remarks mark the latest incident in which American officials have condemned Israeli construction projects in Judea and Samaria.
The State Department this past summer used unusually harsh language in condemning plans to build 770 new housing units in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo and describing them as “corrosive” to peace.
Similarly, Washington recently condemned the Israeli approval of the construction of 98 homes on government-owned land in Shilo. The housing units are for residents of the community of Amona who are slated be evicted from their homes.
State Department spokesman Mark Toner called the new construction "another step towards cementing a one state reality of perpetual occupation", adding that it would “make the possibility of a viable Palestinian state more remote."
At Friday’s UN meeting, noted Haaretz, the Russian representative said that the conflict is approaching "the moment of truth." He noted that there is a consensus about the illegality of Israeli construction, house demolitions and violence.
"Settlement construction must stop," he was quoted as having said, asserting that it creates "Palestinian enclaves" that are disconnected from the outside world.
"Israel needs security, but without the two-state solution, the threat to Israel will grow," added the Russian envoy.
Responding to the session, a senior Israeli official said that claims that Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are an obstacle to peace are baseless.
"These claims deny thousands of years of deep connection between the people of Israel and its land – just like it was done yesterday with UNESCO's absurd decision," the official said, according to Haaretz.
"Referring to Israeli communities as an obstacle to peace recycles the scandalous Palestinian demand that Palestine be free of Jews. In any other case, such a demand would be rejected out of hand. No one would think to say that a condition for peace is that Israel be free of Arabs," he added.
"The real obstacle to peace is the continued Palestinian refusal to recognize a Jewish state within any borders," continued the official. "This refusal is expressed through the demand to cleanse Judea and Samaria of Jews and the relentless Palestinian incitement to terrorism."
(Arutz Sheva’s North American desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, however, is Israeli time.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Muslim migrants gang-rape wheelchair-bound woman

The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.
A6WJW7 Visby Gotland Sweden
A6WJW7 Visby Gotland Sweden
“Wheelchair-bound woman was ‘gang-raped by group of migrants after asking to use the loo at asylum centre,’” by Danny Collins, The Sun, October 11, 2016:
A WHEELCHAIR-bound woman was gang raped by six asylum seekers, Swedish police have said.
The unnamed disabled woman had asked to use a toilet at a nearby asylum centre after sharing a taxi with one of its residents.
But after she was invited inside, the woman, in her 30s, was attacked by the man and six of his fellow migrants.
A furious group of more than 100 Swedes have since attacked the centre in Visby, pelting it with rocks.
The victim’s lawyer Staffan Fredriksson told local newspaper Aftonbladlet: “She followed him in and had no fears that something would happen.
“Then the man took advantage of the situation. The abuse started in the toilet.
“Where they came from we don’t know. This was going on for a couple of hours,
“She got paralysed in this situation and was not able to bring herself to resist physically, other than saying no.”
He added: “She is completely broken down.”
Five men, all aged in their 20s, have since been arrested by Swedish police following the incident on October 2.
They are yet to release the men’s nationalities or identities.
Sweden has been at the forefront of efforts to accept migrants fleeing conflicts in place like Syria and Afghanistan….
Kenya: Muslims murder six, injure dozens in jihad attack targeting Christians
"No to wall, Islam or die" spray-painted on San Antonio church entrance

Monday, October 3, 2016

#PopeFrancis Fast-Tracks Sainthood for Priest Murdered by #MUSLIMS !


Pope Francis has waived the normal five-year waiting period to begin the beatification process for Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest whose throat was slit by two Islamic terrorists in his church last July.

During a religious ceremony for the reopening of Father Hamel’s church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Sunday, the Archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun, said that he was initiating the beatification procedure for the martyred priest, having been informed by the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints that the Pope had granted the exemption.
In a press conference held aboard the papal plane returning to Rome from the Caucasus, Pope Francis confirmed the report, noting that it was important to begin soon so as not to lose important witnesses who could testify in the process.
On September 14, Pope Francis welcomed a group of French pilgrims from the slain priest’s diocese to his residence in the Vatican, and during Mass he called Father Hamel a Christian “martyr,” a qualification that automatically makes the person a saint in the Church’s eyes.
The Pope said that the French priest is in heaven, noting that “all martyrs are saints (beati).”
“You can put this photo in the church, because he is blessed now, and if someone tells you that you do not have the right, tell them that the Pope gave you permission,” Francis told Archbishop Lebrun, who was accompanying the group. He was referring to a photo of the deceased priest, which the Pope had signed.
In an extended reflection on Christian martyrdom, the Pope said in his homily that today there are “more Christian martyrs” than in the early days of Christianity.
“Today there are Christians murdered, tortured, imprisoned, slaughtered because they do not deny Jesus Christ,” he said, and Father Jacques Hamel “is part of this chain of martyrs.”
“Christians who suffer today because they will not deny Jesus Christ—whether in prison or by death or torture—they show how cruel this persecution is,” he said, adding that killing in the name of God is “satanic.”
Francis words seemed aimed particularly at the Islamic terrorists who kill in the name of jihad, and claim to be accomplishing the will of Allah.
Father Jacques Hamel “was slain on the Cross,” Francis said, “just as he celebrated the sacrifice of the Cross of Christ.”
This good, humble man, who was always trying to make peace, “was assassinated as if he were a criminal,” Francis said. “This is the thread of satanic persecution.”
“He gave his life so as not to deny Jesus,” the Pope said, while urging those present to ask for the saint’s intercession, that from Heaven he might pray to God for the Church on earth.”
Francis was accompanied at Mass by some 80 French pilgrims who came specifically for the celebration, including the slain priest’s sister, Rosine Hamel.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Illinois: Muslim leaders brainwash local police force about Islam

The police in Plainfield, Illinois, are being taught several misconceptions about Islam. Hamas-linked CAIR’s Sabeel Ahmed led presentations alongside Muhammad and Zulfie Khan of the Al-Aqsa Community Center.
“Contrary to popular belief, he [Ahmed] said, true Islam does not suppress women. He explained that in some cultures, women are forced into marriage. In Islam, there is no forcing males or females into marriage and women are empowered.”
Hm, that seems a bit odd, considering he also suggests for police to always have a female officer when investigating cases involving Muslims. So much for equality!
If this is what US police are learning, how will our law enforcement help victims of violence, not to mention evaluate potential links to terrorism? Interestingly enough, on the webpage for the article, the video insert of of a police briefing in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where a knife-wielding jihadist targeted infidels. Mixed messages – sad!
“Plainfield police learn about Islam, Muslims through community partnership,” by Mike Mallory, The Herald News, September 27, 2016:
PLAINFIELD – A partnership was recently reached between the Plainfield Police Department and Al Aqsa Community Center to strengthen the relationships between law enforcement, Muslims and the local communities in which they live.
Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek and Cmdr. Mike Novak recently visited the Al Aqsa Community Center, 17940 S. Bronk Road in Plainfield, for a meet and greet, Imam Charles Muhammad said.
On Tuesday, Muhammad and Zulfie Khan, the center’s secretary general, presented alongside Sabeel Ahmed to Plainfield police at the Plainfield Law Enforcement Center. Ahmed is director of GainPeace, a nonprofit with a main goal of educating the public about Islam and clarifying many misconceptions they may hold.
Ahmed said that before he came to America 20-plus years ago, he thought everyone was violent in the U.S. because of what he had seen in movies.
Once he started socializing, he learned Americans seek peace and aspire for better communities just such as he does. He said he realized he should not judge based on perceptions he was being fed through the media or other sources.
Clarifying misconceptions is what the police-community center partnership hopes to do in the Plainfield area. Muhammad said the department and Al Aqsa want to continue fostering the relationship, as more than 600 Muslim families live within a 10-mile radius of the community center.
In his presentation, Ahmed touched on several common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.
Contrary to popular belief, he said, true Islam does not suppress women. He explained that in some cultures, women are forced into marriage. In Islam, there is no forcing males or females into marriage and women are empowered.
Ahmed then pointed to a picture on his slideshow with Muslim women of different skin tones from different countries who won medals in the 2016 Olympic games.
He said that despite what is in the news, Muslims in America are statistically the least threat to society. Muslims are also active in civic engagement. He said Islam teaches them to help the poor, needy and homeless.
Officers in attendance asked questions about the differences between certain articles of clothing and how to best police in specific situations. One officer asked about the best way to approach a situation where a Muslim woman is a victim of violence.
Muhammad advised the officers that if there does not appear to be severe injuries, then to respect the hijab – a headscarf worn by Muslim women in the presence of men outside their immediate family. But if an officer is certain there are head injuries, they must do what is necessary to treat the woman, he said. Ahmed recommended having a female officer present if at all possible in such a situation.

Raymond Ibrahim: Why ‘Infidel’ Women are Jihad’s Greatest Victims

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gotta LOVE Harry #TRUMAN ! #TrumpTrain

otta love that Harry!!!
Inline                                                          image 3Inline                                                          image 4
         This is Priceless!
What is meant by the modern term referred to as ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’..
The definition is found in 4 telegrams at the Truman Library and Museum
in Independence, Missouri. The following are copies of four telegrams between
President Harry Truman and Gen Douglas MacArthur on the day before the actual
signing of the WWII Surrender Agreement in September 1945.. 
The contents of those four telegrams below are exactly as received at the end of the war - not a word has been added or deleted!
(1) Tokyo, Japan
0800-September 1,1945 
To: President Harry S Truman 
From: General D A MacArthur
     Tomorrow we meet with those yellow-bellied bastards and sign the Surrender
Documents, any last minute instructions? 
(2) Washington, D C
1300-September 1, 1945 
To: D A MacArthur
From: H S Truman 
     Congratulations, job well done, but you must tone down your obvious dislike
of the Japanese when discussing the terms of the surrender with the press, because
some of your remarks are fundamentally not politically correct!

(3) Tokyo, Japan 
1630-September 1, 1945 
To: H S Truman
From: D A MacArthur and C H Nimitz
     Wilco Sir, but both Chester and I are somewhat confused, exactly what does
the term politically correct mean?
(4) Washington, D C
2120-September 1, 1945 
To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz
From: H S Truman
     Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical
minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the
proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

Now, with special thanks to the Truman Museum and Harry himself, you and I finally have a full understanding of what ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ really means.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Gang member charged in fatal shooting of 54-year-old man near Millennium Park !

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CHICAGO — A man was been charged in the fatal shooting of another man near Millennium Park over the weekend.
Chicago police charged 32-year-old Paul Pagan, a gang member and two-time convicted gun offender, Monday afternoon.
Peter Fabbri, 54, was walking with his sister and another woman down Michigan Avenue around 7:35 p.m. Saturday when he got into an argument with Pagan. The argument became physical, and Pagan shot Fabbri.
Fabbri was rushed to Northwestern Hospital where he died Sunday night.
Police will hold a briefing on the case this afternoon.